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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

The Bears lost, the Bears lost, the Bears lost. My house is close enough to Chicago, though still quite a bit closer to Milwaukee, that I get both Chicago and Milwaukee channels on my cable lineup. I very rarely listen to the Chicago news because a) I'm closer to Milwaukee, b) I don't live in Illinois, and c) the Chicago news is rather annoying for a variety of reasons.

But I watched it last night at 10 to listen to all the boo-hooing from the poor Chicago fans. Sniff, sniff. I know it is ungracious of me to revel in the suffering of others... but MAN was that fun. The anchors couldn't saying things like, "Well, they had a great season, regardless," and "What a great ride while it lasted."

One and done, suckers. One and done.
A guy at work asked me if I would consider ever rooting for the Bears in the Super Bowl. I said that if they ever played the Vikings, I might consider it. Or a team of demonic angels. So, probably not.
I'd root for the Bears over the Vikes... but that's the only team I can really think of.
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