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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nice Game!

Finally a National Championship showdown that actually lived up to the hype. Great game last night-- though I'm glad the bowl games are over. I've been staying up far too late the past few evenings.

Random musings on the Rose Bowl:

Which brings us to the playoff system that will happen and is fun-- the NFL! It will be strange watching the playoffs without the Packers in them (been a while-- we've been spoiled up here in Wisconsin), but there are some great games coming up. My picks this weekend?

Giants over Carolina
Washington over TB
NE over Jax
Cincinatti over Pittsburgh

The smart money is, of course, to take the money line the other way.

No way. Tampa Bay for the win!
Thrice damned Redskins!
I was dead-on balls accurate on Saturday. Sunday... not so much. Though I do think Cincy would've won their game if Palmer doesn't get taken out in the 1st quarter.
Funny thing about Cincy, though. They were winning until Chad Johnson punched Marvin Lewis in the locker room at halftime.
Wonder if that hurt more than the Palmer injury.
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