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Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Other News

The Packers hired... umm... who again? Oh yeah, this guy-- anybody ever heard of him? Buehler, Buehler...? No? Hmm.... Seems he had some success in New Orleans before going to San Francisco and presiding over the worst offense in the entire league!

Okay, okay, stay calm. Maybe that last stat is deceiving... yeah, that's it. The 9'ers couldn't have been that dreadful, right? All right, then. Item by item:

Yup, that's pretty impressive. I can definitely see why Ted Thompson wanted this guy! I mean, we undoubtedly needed to improve our number of TFs and Ls, and McCarthy is clearly the guy to do it.

Hold tight-- Mike and Ted's Bogus Journey is about to start!

OK, before you throw this guy under the bus, let's look at what else he had this last year in San Francisco. Specifically, he probably had the worst offensive line in football and a rookie QB that wasn't in camp early to teach and was injured for some of the season.
I'm not saying that this guy is a genius, but he made Aaron Brooks a semi-respectable QB for a while. (Check out how bad Brooks was this year with him gone.)
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