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Monday, January 23, 2006

I Would've Predicted That

My pick for the NFL Championship round games would've been Pittsburgh and Seattle. I did not write them down here because I did not want to jinx either team (I am 0-4 on Sunday picks on this blog). But that's who I would've picked-- honestly.

The only disappointing thing about being right was that neither game was much fun to watch. The Steelers took the air out of the Denver crowd with authority, and their defense had Jake the Snake Plummer completely discombobulated. Meanwhile, the crowd in Seattle was rocking throughout, and Jake not the Snake Delhomme was also completely discombobulated. Not a good day to be a Jake.

I think the Super Bowl will be good, though. Big Ben versus Matt the Mouth, Cowher vs. Holmgren, Alexander vs. Bettis/Parker. Good stuff, good stuff. The two best teams in the NFL? Maybe not, but close, and the two best teams down the stretch, which is when you need your team to excel.

And then the long cold days begin until the NCAA Championships.
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