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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Good Day in Wisconsin Sports

Hey, SEC fans-- especially you annoying Auburn people-- how ya feelin' this morning? Woo...eee! That was a buttwuppin you good 'ole boys took from the too slow, too old-fashioned, too Big Tenish Wisconsin Badgers, huh? 24-10! Thumpety, thump-thump, thumpety, thump-thump look at Calhoun go. I really liked the Badgers in this game-- they were healthy, they were motivated (not too often you get to play in your coach's last game... and it's a GOOD thing), and they had a chip on their shoulder.

Hey Bulls fans-- remember when you used to win close games? Bwahahahah! Bucks win in Chicago, 93-92. Bucks are 11-0 in games decided by 5 points or less, and with eight road wins have already won more games on the road then they did all of last year. The Bulls... bwahahahahaha!

Hey Ted Thompson-- you made the right call... except why in the name of pork futures did you ever give Mike Sherman a two year, $6 million+ extension in the first place, only to fire him five months later? Doh!

Go Bucks!


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