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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Buy Danish

It is certainly Saudi Arabia's right to try and pressure Denmark to apologize by boycotting Danish goods. It is also certainly the right of Norwegians, as well as my right, and yours as well, to tell Saudi Arabia to go bite themselves by partaking of Danish goods. Having a neighbor who is a full-blown Dane, I get to partake of Danish cuisine several times a year, and the majority of the food and drink is excellent. I recommend anything made with marzipan and the Chokolade Pålæg Lys in particular. If you drink any of this, however, make sure that it is REALLY cold or you are REALLY drunk already.

Oh, and does anyone else find it laughable that various Imams were outraged by the blasphemy of these cartoons, but they have no trouble whatsoever with these? Laughable, yes, but sadly, terribly unsurprising.


The French newspaper 'France Soir' has just reprinted the Mohammed cartoons.

Will we see a boycott of French riviera casinos by the Saudi royal family?
Yes France soir has indeed published the cartoons. BRAVO FRANCE!

Let's not, however, forget that the German "Die Welt" and the Ielandic "D.V." have also published them. BRAVO GERMANY AND IELAND!

As a Dane, I can only express my love for you guys taking this step.
I totally support the danes and all others who republished the cartoons.How dare these fundamenlist muslim hypocrites who live in european countries tell danes how they are to live. This and other european countries have given them the honour and oportunity to live there and they answer with boycotts, death threats, terrorist attack threats and so on.Shame on them.The only thing that cannot be tolerated is intolerance.!
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I'm puzzled. If depictions of The Prophet are forbidden, how do they know one when they see it? Cartoon #11 Looked like just another guy in a turban to me.

It's a bit hit-and-miss. Maybe you have to be Danish to fully understand. But cartoons #4 (burqas) and #5 ("Stop! Stop!") hit the bullseye. Truth hurts, eh?

Here in Britain, Denmark is best known for its bacon, and has been for years. And to those of you that have kids - Lego is Danish.
Thanks so much for your support, it is really appricated!
Jane From Denmark
Hey, KF, what does "Lego" mean in English?

And, who knows about this kerfuffle: perhaps we'll discover that the pen is mightier than the sword.
>>>> Hey, KF, what does "Lego" mean in English?

No idea. I can find meanings in Danish, Latin, Greek and Finnish, but not English.

But when I was young, it meant "My Birthday again!" :-)
The company name Lego was coined by Christiansen (The founder) from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning "play well".
Welcome to all the Danish visitors! I had no idea my little post would attract any attention-- most excellent! In a "for what it's worth" revelation, I live in Racine, Wisconsin, which has one of the largest Danish populations in America-- so thanks for the emigrants!

Oh, and the kringle. Love the kringle.
I've found an answer to my earlier puzzlement: Mohammed has been drawn throughout the ages,
sometimes by muslims
. (Links from lgf)
France Soir managing editor Jacques Lefranc has been fired because of the publication of the prophet cartoons. I'd guess that the firing is primarily because of the recent riots in France and the fact that France has Western Europe's largest Muslim population at about five million. The owner of the paper probably didn't want his offices or employees targeted in retribution to the publication.

In other related news:

In Beirut, the leader of Lebanon's Shi'ite Hizbollah said the row [over newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad] would never had occurred if a 17-year-old death edict against British writer Salman Rushdie been carried out.


Ten Palestinians armed with assault rifles and grenade launchers rallied outside the European Union headquarters in Gaza City and fired in the air, demanding an apology and saying Danes and Norwegians there would be at risk of attack.

"We warn the citizens of the above-mentioned governments to take this warning seriously because our groups are ready to implement it across the Gaza Strip," one of the gunmen said, reading from a prepared statement. [...]

Hamas, the militant Islamic group which won Palestinian elections last week, urged Islamic countries to take "deterrent steps against idiotic Danish behaviour".


Pakistani Islamists chanted "Death to Denmark", burned an effigy of the Danish prime minister and torched Danish and French flags to protest against cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed.


Angered by the drawings, masked Palestinian gunmen briefly took over a European Union office in Gaza on Monday. Islamists in Bahrain urged street demonstrations, while Syria called for the offenders to be punished. A Saudi company paid thousands of dollars for an ad thanking a business that snubbed Danish products.


Cox & Forkum have a cartoon about the cartoon flap.

I'm going to buy my daughter some Legos this weekend, and I'll get some Danish treats from the international section of the grocery store.
Chris Muir has a good cartoon about this as well.
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