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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ted Rall: Complete Nutjob

He's a hero to some on the far-left, and it is appalling that there are people who actually think this cartoon is funny. Or this one. But not to worry, no doubt Rall supports our troops. The truly ironic thing is that if Bush/Cheney/insert evil Republican dujour here really were as dictatorial, oppressive and evil as Rall depicts them, they would no doubt long ago have had his head on a plate. Luckily for Rall, he lives in America, where soldier fight and die to preserve his right to purvey complete dreck. Unfortunately for the rest of us, irony is nearly always lost on the close-minded, regardless of which side of the political spectrum they inhabit.

Having said all that, I have to admit that this particular cartoon is actually pretty funny. Sadly, it's the only one of the ten I looked at the had even a modicum of humor in it.
Wow. I saw the first one and was quite surprised by its "unhingedness" (how's that for a made-up word?), but the second one makes me think Rall needs some kind of intervention. As for the third, I don't see the modicum.
I used to try to read his column, but it was exactly as idiotic as his cartoons. I'd suggest he move to Syria and publish the exact same cartoons about Syrian soldiers.

He'd come to know the difference between 'torture' and 'interrogation' in about 30 minutes.
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