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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sticking It to the Man!

That's a union's job right? Agitate for the little guy, and make the greedy corporate overseers beg for mercy. Nowadays, most unions are sticking it to the little guy, rather than sticking up for him. So, when Roger Toussaint, the NYC transit union president, says that union members are not greedy I would respond, maybe not, Roger, but you sure are selfish SOBs.

How else to explain how a union in which the average worker makes $63,000 annually, pays nothing, nada, zilch, zippo for their health insurance coverage and receives a full pension at age 55 can possibly feel that a 3.5% raise is sufficient cause to engage in an illegal strike that causes massive havoc for several million of their fellow citizens and costs the economy of their city several hundred millions of dollars? In the old days, unions served a purpose-- forcing companies to provide health care, to pay overtime, to prohibit 16 hour days, and to implement safety measures. Today, their main purpose is to fill the coffers of the union, put economic stress on the companies and governments they work for-- to the point of bankruptcy in some cases-- and to expand priviliges for members that already far outstrip most of their counterparts in the private/non-unionized sector.

All of which hamstrings companies and municipalities across the nation, increases taxes on everyone as government agencies struggle to fully fund pension and health care plans for unionized employees, increases the cost to the consumer as unionized companies pass on the cost to the end user and serves precisely no purpose except to enrich the union.

On top of THAT the unions have the gall to be ungrateful about it? What a crock.

Fortunately, NYC didn't blink this time and the fines and threats of jail time were sufficient to get the union to end their illegal strike. Hopefully, NYC will stick to its guns and not agree to a better deal with the union-- ideally, NYC will reduce their offer, citing the 100s of millions they lost during the strike as the justification. "So sorry, Mr. Toussaint, but the city recently suffered a major economic setback due to the illegal actions of small number of our citizens. We're afraid we can no longer afford to offer your union a 3.5% raise and a modest 6% employee contribution to the pension fund. Because of our losses, we're going to have to cut the offer to 2.5% and a 10% employee contribution."

Now that would be sweet.
hey ....nice take i agree completely

the only thing you left out in your listing of the bad effects of unions was this :

they promote mediocrity in the workplace.. in a quest to increase the number of dues paying memebers they continue to negotiate disciplinary proceedures that make it near impossible to fire anyone ...also promotions and favorable scheduling are given based on seniority... hence there is little if any incentive to preform any better than is what is required to cash a paycheck and earn benefits

its sad really ...when people bemoan the death of "american ingenuity" they very rarely place any of the blame where most of it belongs ..right in the laps of the american unions
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