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Friday, December 09, 2005

Go Bucks, Go!

They're young, they have a new coach, they have a comparitively small payroll, and they are fun to watch. Say hello to the new look Milwaukee Bucks. Recent incarnations of my homestate NBA team have been well-known for shooting first and thinking about playing defense or rebounding much, much later. Frankly, they weren't much fun to watch, and they weren't much good. This year's group is leading the NBA in rebounds per game, is in the top third of the league in steals per game and assists per game and the top half of the league for scoring.

Here's the unfortunate bit-- they play in the best division in basketball, hands down, no question about it. At 10-7 the Bucks have the fourth best record in the Eastern Conference. They also have the fourth best record in their division. Their are currently only six teams in the East with winning records. The five teams in the Central Division all have winning records. Indeed, the five teams in the Central Division have the best five records in the entire Eastern Conference. The only non-Central Division team with a winning record in the East is Miami, who is 10-9 and percentage points behind the 5th place Chicago Bulls, who are 9-8.

The worst team in the Central would be leading either of the other two Eastern Conference Divisions. The Bucks, fourth in their division, would be leading either of the other Eastern Conference Divisions by a full game or more. Aye Carumba! I vote we move Milwaukee to the Eastern time zone-- no team in the Atlantic Division even has a winning record!

But so it goes. Yes, it's a drag that the Bucks play in the same division as the Pistons, Pacers and Cavaliers, but what is most definitely NOT a drag is that they are playing with poise, determination, and energy-- all things that were noticeably lacking in recent years.

Is it too early to start the Terry Stotts for Coach of the Year drive?


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