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Monday, December 12, 2005

ESL: Peter King edition

Been a while since I did an Eats, Shoots, Leaves analysis of Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB). Decided to take a look today. Not getting any better, Pete. Lots of little sillinesses, but two things that just seem so... obviously correctable.

First, on page 5, King starts his "I think this is what I liked about week 14:" list. g) on that list is "Last eight quarters: Seattle 83, Foes 3. h) on that list is "Still don't know what it means." Presumably, since this is a list of things he likes, g) is a good thing. So, why then h)? If you don't know what it means, Pete, don't put it in the friggin' "things I like" list. If you do, don't put in that you don't know what it means. More pedantically, technically what King has written is the following: I think this is what I like about week 14: Still don't know what it means." This guy is a nationally syndicated writer!

Second, and even worse, at the end of his column King has the following dousy of a paragraph:
The schedule of the last three weeks in ABC Monday Night Football history: Tonight: New Orleans (3-9) at Atlanta (7-5); Dec. 19: Green Bay (2-11) at Baltimore (4-8); Dec. 26: New England (7-5) at New York Jets (3-10). Sheesh. Better make this game at least slightly interesting, Michael Vick. All that's left is John Madden waxing biff-bam-boomingly about Brett Favre next week and a bunch of Reggie Bush-dreaming for drunken Jets' fans the day after Christmas.
Um, Pete? Green Bay is 3-10. I know it seems like the Packers lost last night, but they did, technically speaking, win. Baltimore is 4-9. I know it seems like Baltimore wasn't even there yesterday, but they did, technically speaking, play. New England is 8-5. Considering how much you raved about how great the Patriots looked this week, Pete, I would've thought you would've gotten this one right.

Doesn't anybody even edit King's column any more?

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