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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Can We Fire Mike Sherman NOW?!

Two of the few remaining arguments for retaining Mike Sherman's services as coach of the Green Bay Packers were that they were playing opponents close, ie., competitive, and that he hadn't lost his players, ie., they were still playing hard despite their dreadful 3-10 record. Well, they're 3-11 now, after playing one of the worst football games I've ever seen. And I remember the late '70s and '80s when the Packers were dreadful.

So, can we fire him now? Please?

They weren't competitive with the 4-9 Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, and gave up 48 points to a team that hadn't scored 30 or more all year and more than 20 only once. The players looked like they didn't care and weren't especially concerned with trying-- perhaps thinking it was too bloody cold out and I wonder what I should get my mother for Christmas instead.

The only two reasons that remain to keep Mike Sherman as coach are: Favre likes him, so if we cashier him, Favre may well not return in '06 and that Sherman has another two years left on his contract. Frankly, both of those reasons are unpersuasive-- I'm tired of waiting on Favre at the end of every season, and if he does not come back because Sherman is gone... well, it's been a helluva run Brett, thanks for returning the franchise to its former glory, but for the good of the team, Sherman has to go. As to the money-- well, it's too late to unpay him (goodness knows what Ted Thompson was thinking when he extended Sherman's contract), but paying him good money to provide horrendous coaching hardly seems like a bargain. We'll have to eat the money, which blows, and go out and find somebody who has a clue.

All of that said, I will note that Sherman seems like a very nice man. He has a great family, goes to church regularly, and has been a stand up guy in the community. This is not personal, and part of me is sorry he failed-- because I like the guy. But he did fail, and rather spectacularly, and he needs to go.


i disagree

we should keep sherman as head coach IF he is willing to bring in a new offensive coordinator

i think our main problem is predictability on offense ..and the fact that nobody is willing to get in brett's face and call him out (a point that bradshaw of all people correctly pointed out on xmas day) ...a feisty new offensive coordinator would solve this problem ....

there is the posssibility that when given this choice sherman decides to quit...then we are out of paying him the two years
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