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Monday, December 05, 2005

Bush and the Pack

No, not that Bush. This Bush. I watched the first half of the USC v. UCLA game, and Oh My God is Reggie Bush good. I mean, I've seen many of the highlights, but not really giving a crap about USC, I had never actually watched him play. Wow. Seriously, WOW! It's like everyone else is moving at a slower speed than he is-- like they're plowing through knee-deep water while he's flying along on astroturf.

I'm paying attention now, because my beloved Packers are currently 3rd in the Reggie Bush sweepstakes, behind the Houston Texans and the NY J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. The Packers are dreadful, but I'm afraid they may not be dreadful enough to get Bush, who will almost certainly be the #1 pick, ever so slightly (perhaps as little as one pick) ahead of his teammate, Matt Leinart.

Brett Favre does seem to be doing his damndest to get Bush, tossing two god-awful interceptions that likely cost the Packers an upset of da Bears-- oh and fumbling twice, too, though neither of those were really his fault-- but the Texans keep finding new and exciting ways to lose, while the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are just pathetic. Last week, the Texans blew a 10 point lead with less than a minute remaining and lost in overtime, while this week, the Texans blew a two-point lead to the Ravens, allowing one of the worst offenses in the league drive from their own 13 yard line into field goal range in less than a minute without any timeouts. Yikes! Hard to compete with a team that thoroughly committed to sucking out loud. The Jets, meanwhile, have scored more than 20 once all year. They've scored 3 or less four times and have been held with less than 200 yards of total offense four times.

It's hard to see either of those teams winning in the final four weeks, and there is always the chance that the Packers might win another game... or even two! We do have games with Detroit and Baltimore remaining, after all. Which will suck. We'll be dreadful, but we'll be just good enough to not get Reggie Bush.

At least we'll be dreadful enough to get rid of Mike Sherman.

Right? Please?
While the Packers are trying hard, this Sunday is the important game: "The Battle for the most futile team in a shitty division."
Yes the Pack sucks, but the Lions are fast on their heels. And while the Pack might have turned a corner (at least where the front office is concerned), the Lions still have the leagues worst GM and possibly the worst ownership. (Check out how many playoff victories these bozos have in the last 40 years.)
But back to the important stuff, Ted Thompson has to give Houston whatever it takes to get Reggie. He is the once-in-a-generation talent that he has been billed and he can change any game he is in just by suiting up. The biggest problem this Packer team has is not having any playmakers. Reggie would solve that one quite quickly. (While I write this, I cannot see Thompson making that deal, even though every Packer fan would love it.)
The other thing Ted needs to do is find a way to keep Jim Bates around. He is so good that he has that loser defense actually playing good. Show him the money!!!

And three cheers for Javon Walker coming to his senses!!!
Just for the sake of being pessimistic, can I remind of the last person whom the Packers drafted in the first round from USC? John Michels. Hope he's doing OK in whatever career he is in right now.
as the guy that has been saying for 3 years now that sherman has to go ....i feel somewhat vindicated that all these injuries have shown him to be what he really is .... a below average coach whose incompetence was hidden by superior offensive talent

having said all that i will actually be mad if they do fire him at the end of this season .... our superior talent on offense should be back next year with or without reggie bush (probably without) ....as troy pointed out bates has schemed/coached up our defense to above average...and worst of all thompson signed him to a two-year extension BEFORE this season started .... the only thing worse than having sherman as our coach would be having to pay him NOT to coach

should this thing with sherman come to pass right on the heels of aaron rogers ... it would really expose thompson as an UBER - MORON and would force me to go shopping for a new favorite team (i am currently considering the bengals and the buccanneers)
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