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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Buck Stops... Err... Anywhere But Here.

That's pretty much been Ray Nagin's line, don't you think. Oh woe is us, down here in Nawlins. If only the Feds would do their jobs, folks wouldn't be hurting so bad.

Now, there's some truth there. FEMA has some major, major issues. Federal response to Katrina was slower than it could've been, and probably slower than it should have been considering the amount of notice everyone had that this big old hundred mile wide storm was heading that way. But didn't Nagin have the same amount of "heads up, something bad is heading your way" notice?

So, it is with a great deal of skepticism, and no small amount of irony, that I read about Ray Nagin-- possibly the most inept, ineffectual mayor of a major U.S. city ever-- complaining that Washington isn't doing enough. Actually, he compares congress to constipation, and himself and other city officials from across the nation to Ex-Lax.

Which is unquestionably one of the strangest metaphors ever used by a public official. Of course, given the big pile of s**t that Nagin is hip deep in after his bungling of the Katrina disaster and the horrendous performance of the police chief he appointed, perhaps it is a terribly apt one.
Ray Nagin is the poster-child for the importance of local elections. Look at your own mayor, school board, and county board and think about the fact that these are the people who have the responsibility for creating emergency policy and contingency plans. They are also the ones who will have the initial authority for coordinating the efforts of first-responders during any local incidents or disasters.
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