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Friday, November 11, 2005

Thank You

Today is Veterans' Day.

A day to thank all the men and women of our armed forces for risking their life and limbs so that the rest of us may enjoy the freedom, the prosperity and the pursuit of happiness that the Founders envisioned over 200 years ago.

Thank a veteran today. Thank a current service member in the armed forces. Say a prayer for everyone who has served our great country faithfully and courageously.

And always remember that freedom is not free.
Thank you, Mr. Weber, for thinking about the veterans during this day of reflection. It is refreshing to read something patriotic from a free thinker.

Love, peace, and happiness to you and your beautiful family.

Your friend,

Thanks. I would add-- if any of you know people who are actively serving in the military, send them a letter. I have two nephews in Iraq right now, and I know they value messages from home very, very highly.

And write it on paper-- as nice as email is for many types of communication, this is one that needs something a bit more tangible and permanent.
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