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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are You Ready for some Basketball

What a time of year. Football is in full swing, the World Series has just concluded, there is tons of candy laying around from Halloween, and the NBA launches its season. Life is good. Actually, my interest in the NBA has waned over the last decade or so as it now seems to be mostly a one-on-one dunk fest. Combined with the Bucks decline into mediocrity, and below, it's been hard for me to give much of a hoot about the NBA in recent years.

But this year. Well. I watched the end of the Bucks' NBA opener last night and I was impressed. Down seven on the road in Philadelphia with only two minutes to go, the Bucks did two things very well that they have been miserable at the previous... decade or more. They played tough defense and they rebounded on both the offensive and defensive glass. It was fun to watch and refreshing to see.

T.J. Ford is back, and man is he fast. Andrew Bogut is on board, and already looks pretty good-- I think he could be excellent in a year or two. Newly acquired Bobby Simmons was outstanding and Michael Redd may be the best pure shooter in the league right now. I'm still not sure the price we paid for Magliore (Derrick Mason, next year's 1st round pick and cash) was worth it, but he was solid in the middle, which allows Bogut to play at power forward.

I don't think the Bucks are on a level with Detroit, Miami or Indiana, but I think they may be the 4th best team in the East IF they continue to play like they did last night. That's a big if. But winning on the road is never easy in the NBA, and doing it in the way they did is an impressive achievement for a young team that hasn't played together much, if at all.

And if they do contend for the top half of the conference, you'll have to give Terry Stotts, a guy that was nearly universally derided when he took the Bucks' coaching job, huge props. It's early. Very early. But for opening night, at least, the Bucks were a fun, well-coached, talented and competitive team.

Nick, you never addressed any of the real problems with basketball. Personally, I think they could all be addressed if they played a 40 game season in 3 months and had a one month playoffs. Every sport needs a shorter season (by about half), except for football, which needs about double the games.
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