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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

TMQ is Back!

I know some of you don't like Gregg Easterbrook's column, Tuesday Morning Quarterback, and I know many of you have never heard of it and would've lived happily for many years with no knowledge of its existence. But I like it, and it's my blog, so I'm giving TMQ's return some press. You can find the column at nfl.com, more specifically, here.

My favorite passage from the column is this:
On the Plus Side, Every NHL Goalie Had A Perfect Year

In April the Associated Press headlined a story about a meeting of National Hockey League officials, GENERAL MANAGERS DISCUSS WAYS TO INCREASE NHL SCORING. Here's a suggestion to increase scoring – hold games! The NHL had just completed an entire season without a single goal scored, which is really more defense than fans care to see.
Though I also liked this:
To mark the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar, the British Navy reenacted the event -- eliminating references to France and Spain, the losing side in 1805. Rather than display the colors of nations, ships bearing blue flags simulated a defeat of ships flying red flags. Anna Tribe, great-great-great granddaughter of Horatio Nelson, hero of Trafalgar, derided the sanitized, politically correct reenactment as "pretty stupid."
Which I supposed could make you wonder why it's called Tuesday Morning Quarterback, since it doesn't seem to be about football much. But that's part of the charm of TMQ-- it rambles and it ambles, and it's sometimes pretty stupid, but it is often funny, occassionally insightful, and even talks about football a bit. Plus, there are links to scantily clad mega-babes-- so you have that going for you... which is nice.


I also recommend TMQ. Nick introduced it to me and I really enjoy it. Plus the guy actually knows a lot about football.
If only Nick's blog were as good as TMQ.
But who cares since I get 2 of the best 15 running backs in this year's draft.
i agree with troy .......maybe this blog could use some links to scantily clad women...

nicks wife offered me pics of her in a bikini..maybe we could start there and work our way up
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