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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

It's August and that means, heat, humidity and the start of football. Games that almost actually mean something. Large men banging into each other at high rates of speed. Other large men sitting at home because they just aren't making large enough 7-figure salaries. Agents whispering into the ears of large men, like the parasitic, slimy little devil-spawn they are.


It's football season, folks, can I have a Hallelujah! The first game is this Saturday. Woot!

For Packer fans, our fate rests in the large, talented hands of #4, Brett Favre, and in the minds and schemes of head coach, Mike Sherman, and new Defensive Coordinator, Jim Bates. No real worries about the first guy. The other two? We'll see, but I fell pretty good about it.

Sherman was a pretty good coach when he first got to Green Bay-- then he assumed the General Manager mantel and his game day decisions and pre-game planning seemed to go rapidly downhill. Not very many people-- maybe none?-- can handle both jobs. Which isn't all that surprising, since they're both probably 60 hour a week positions, at least during the regular season. So, I'm hopeful that now that he is clear of the GM responsibilities, he will return his focus to coaching and do a bang up job.

I feel even better about Bates. He took a Miami defense that had good, but not great, talent and turned them into a pretty fearsome unit. He shut New England down-- something no other team was really able to do last year. So, while I remain a tad credulous when he talks about how great the talent is in Green Bay, I am hopeful that he can find a scheme that covers for our weak defensive backfield and overall defensive iffiness.

So, the offense should be good. The skill positions are all good to excellent, and the line still looks pretty solid. The defense, almost literally, has nowhere to go but up. And I'm hopeful that the coaching staff has received a significant upgrade.

I am READY for some football.
Go skins. 6-10 all the way, baby!
Don't be down, Mr. Skins' fan.
There is a chance that Patrick Ramsey could become the second coming of Stan Humphries and win a few games. Oh wait, he only won games after the Skins traded him to San Diego. Never mind then.
The best football is at the college level anyway.

Go Aggies!
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