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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Two Interesting Links

Both James Lileks and Ornery.org are on my short list of favorite links. Although both have been a bit screedy of late, they still post interesting, touching, and thought provoking stuff far more often than they post dreck. This week, I was reminded of that fact quite clearly, as I think both this link, and this link, are well worth reading. Espcecially the second one.

The first link is to Orson Scott Card's most recent piece at ornery, and it is an interesting examination of animal rights, autism, and, perhaps unitentionally, a portrait of how different individuals with the same goal (better care for animals) often take very different approaches to reaching that goal. I'll let you judge for yourself who's done more to help animals, PETA or Temple Grandin.

The second link is to the first of a two part Bleat from Lileks, and I found it to be an excellent reflection on life and what is truly important. Check them out for some brain food.
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