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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There's Always Been Baseball

tc has a nice baseball post over at his blog, and a link to another nice baseball post within his post. I was never big into baseball growing up. Football, basketball and golf. Maybe volleyball (when you're talking actually playing). I've come to appreciate the game later in life-- both at the pro and little league levels.

Particularly the latter these last two years, because I've been the assistant coach for my daughter's team. Not actual Little League (with the capital letters), but competitive kid baseball, nonetheless. Great fun. She's been in the 5-7 category, and its co-ed at that level-- next year she moves up to 8-10, and into fast pitch girl's softball. Big step I hear. We'll see how she does.

Regardless, I know it is fun working with the kids at this age because it seems like there's just a moment when they GET it. Go from hearing what you're saying but not being able to really execute, to just... getting it. It's so much fun to see. I can't wait to see how Jacob does with it next season. The only downside I find is that the season is so short-- 10 games in five weeks. It seems that just as the kids are getting it, the season is over.

But there's always next year.

Anyway, I also saw Field of Dreams again a week or so ago, and as sappy as the ending is, that's a fun movie-- worth seeing just for the interaction between James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner:
Terence Mann (Jones): I'm gonna beat you with this crowbar until you go away.
Ray Kinsella (Costner): You can't do that!
[Mann takes a wild swing; Kinsella falls while dodging it.]
Terence Mann: Oh, there are rules? There are no rules here!
Ray Kinsella: You're a pacifist!
Terence Mann: Shit.
but also because of the obvious love Costner has for the game-- it's infectious. Top it all off with a recent trip to Miller Park to watch a great game between the Brewers and the Nationals, and I'm a fan.

Baseball will never supplant football (at least, I can't really imagine that happening), but it's moved past basketball. A combination of the fact that basketball is... not very good right now, and the fact that I've really grown to enjoy baseball. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that my hometown team, the Brewers, is playing pretty decent ball these days, but that's only part of it.

Speaking of football-- Training camps are opening! Woot!


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