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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some of Sir Charles' Politics

Found an interesting piece, at CounterPunch of all places, from 2004 about Chuck's politics and world views. For a Republican, he has a pretty Democratic view of Bush and the War on Terror (at least the Iraq theater). Which is not encouraging. Not enough to disqualify him in my mind (nobody will be perfect-- can't happen, we all want different things), but I'll keep digging. On the plus side, he derides the hypocrisy of Washington several times in the piece, so that's good.

I wish the entire interview was posted as I have absolutely no faith that David Zirin, whoever he is, didn't cherry pick his quotes to fit CounterPunch's far left readership. In fact, I'm pretty certain he did cherry pick. But the ones that were picked are interesting, no doubt.

UPDATE: As a counter balance to some of the views expressed in the above article, it occurs to me that if Barkley got even a few million votes it would likely drive Ralph Nader nuts. Which would be cool. And how cool would it be if the first minority elected to the White House got there because of people, and not because of the Democrats or Republicans?

UPDATE: Another interesting article about The Round Mound of Rebound. This one from Salon in 2000.
I read the article in the above link about Barkley. It pretty much confirms everything I thought about him: another uninformed celebrity sounding off. Consequently, I am all in favor of Sir Charles running against a conservative Republican. I think it would be great.
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