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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Our Next SCJ

The early buzz about tonight's announcement is on Edith Clement. Who, happily, is not Alberto Gonzalez and, from what I can tell, is a fairly strict constructionalist-- which is good. Left or Right (though it does seem to me to be more driven by the left) should be unimportant when it comes to our courts system. A keen mind, a good grounding in jurisprudence, and the ability to actually intrepet the Constitution of the United States-- which is really all the Supreme Court is supposed to do-- would seem far more important.

Our court system is a mess. Inconsistent, corrupt, and riddled with so much unfairness that the blindfolded lady would be cringing were she not cast in marble. Reform must come from the top, and the basis must be the Constitution. Not political correctness, not liberal or conservative ideology, not even precedent-- as that beastie has mutated so badly as to be unrecognizable to its progenitors.

The frickin' Constitution people.

It was an incredible, far-sighted, and dead-on-balls-accurate (it's an industry term) document when it was written over 200 years ago, and it is no less so any of those things today.

Back to the basics.
Well, you guessed wrong on the pick. But you were 100% correct on reverencing the Constitution.
Yeah. Well, now you know why I don't live in Vegas. Roberts seems solid, though his thin paper trail is always a concern-- for both sides!
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