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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

James Wolcott is... not a turd?

Well, his post is still painfully condescending, and he just can't help himself when it comes to the snide little name callings, but, amazingly enough, I think he's right. At least about the furor and bruhaha that have arisen over Oliver Stone directing a 9/11 movie and Steven Spielberg directing a movie about the Israeli response to the terrorist attacks against Jews at the 1972 Olympics. He's been wrong about so many other things, and will no doubt be horrendously wrong about so many more in the future, that I felt a need to record that in this case, he's right.

Stone is a conspiracy nutjob, that much is true, but he is definitely not a bad filmmaker (well, not always) nor a has-been (not yet-- if this one flops, maybe). Just because his politics are whacky and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far-left d/n impugn his talent. Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Johnny Depp are all very talented actors, irregardless of their political beliefs. Credit where credit is due, people, and lets watch it on the censorship side of things, k? Personally, I say let Stone make the film-- and then don't go to it if you think it will be dreck, or because you feel some sort of ethical obligation to protest any project he's connected with. To raise a rucus over what might happen, ie, Stone manages to sully the memory of 9/11 or make it a political screed, seems petty and, well, like the sort of action that many right of center folks decry about those on the left.

All of the above only more so for Spielberg. If he botches the film because of his ideology, then you bash him-- but he has earned some respect and witholding of overbearing opinion with Schindler's List alone. Plus the six million other good movies he's made.

Oh, and never fear, in the very next post Wolcott puts up, he most definitely proves he's still a turd.
how do you not put sean penn on your list of left coast liberal wacked out actors???.....he definitely deserves MUCH higher placement than depp

plus....alec baldwin??...this guy threatened to move to canada if bush won the election...and then reneged on that promise

there are many more guys that deserve mention...thats the problem with trying to list wacko hollywood liberals....there are just too many to list
I can see your point, Nick. I don't like Mr. Stone's points of view, but I do respect them because they are genuine coming from him. Not like Michael Moore who proved that he's in it for the money as well as the Bush-bashing. Look at the pay-per-view campaign right before the last elections. Sounds almost Republican, doesn't it?
And there are far too many F.A.G. actors to mention.
My favorite laughable incident of “Bash Bush to Get Attention” syndrome was Nancy Griffith, third string country act, saying she’d leave the county if Bush were reelected.

I just checked out her web page. She has at least twenty concert dates coming up in the USA!
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