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Friday, July 01, 2005

Idiotarian Award Update

Apparently Kenny Rogers was quite affronted by my confusing him with fellow idiotarian Kevin Brown. As all good athletes do, Rogers has used his anger at the affront as an inspiration for reaching new levels of idiocy, this time attacking two cameramen. Besides sending one of the cameramen to the hospital, Rogers was able to get in several healthy kicks on the wily and fast moving camera, proving he is indeed a world class athlete.

As Gym Jim notes:
I think your award MUST be known by rogers...he responded by punching not 1 but 2 cameramen...now facing what will most likely be at least a 10 and possibly 20 game suspension

This has to once again make him the frontrunner...isnt it great to see a world class athlete rise to a challenge??
Indeed. Of course, it's not just athletes that are eligible for the prestigious Libertarian Librarian Idiotarian Award, so the competition is fierce. Nominees for the award are always welcome, either in the comments section or at the email: libertarian_librarian@hotmail.com.


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