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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Aw Crap

Prayers and condolences to the families of those killed or injured by the terror attack on the London mass transit system. This is the third time the cowardly bullies of al-qaeda (assuming it was them who struck in London, which seems likely) have killed innocent men, women and children in a major metropolis. The first time, the citizenry rose up in righteous anger and demanded justice for the murderous thugs. The second time, the citizenry meekly submitted to the murderers' demands, attempting to appease away those who will not be appeased until the freedom and spirit of democratic ideals and representative government are obliterated.

How will England respond?

It's a dicey question. I think it could go either way, given the growing opposition to the war there. On the other hand, being attacked on your home soil and having the victims of that attack be normal, average folk just going to work on a quiet Thursday can also galvanize a populace to the necessity of opposing such terror always and everywhere.

We'll see.

UPDATE: I am encouraged by the responses of many Brits as posted over at Andrew Sullivan's blog. Sullivan, for all that I have found him hard to read of late, has always been a staunch supporter of the war against the monsters of al-qaeda and other fanatical Islamic groups, and as an British ex-patriot, he can offer some interesting perspective on the British psyche.
One response that I wouldn't be surprised to see would be some of England's skinhead/boot-boy/hooligan types doing a little "Paki bashing."
To Mojo:
The "bashing" is already back.

Who'd be a Muslim Londoner?
Bombed by your self-appointed """"brothers"""", then blamed for their actions, and not a word from the rest of the faith . . . it's barely 12 hours since the attacks. For an imam or Ayatollah to speak out on this issue is going to take some bravery, given the extremists likely to be in his own congregation. Give'em another 24 hours (not that I'm holding my breath).
Muslims aren't terrorists but there religion allows terrorism.

For an alternative viewpoint come to my blog:

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