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Monday, June 20, 2005

Will Smith, Money Player

So, Will Smith, the French Prince of Bel-Air stepped it up in crunch time of yet another NBA Finals game. Truly the man is a marvel. He can sing, write music, act, and rain down 3-pointers at critical moments of the biggest games of the year. I don't know why teams keep getting rid of Mr. Smith-- the only thing he does with his new team is go to the NBA Finals, get jiggy with it, and knock down key three-point shots.



Robert Horry? You sure? Huh. Hang on a sec. Okay. Will Smith:
and Robert Horry:

I guess they could be two different people. But what are the odds? Two guys in the media glare that look that much alike? Weird old world.

Okay, in all serious, how lucky is Tim Duncan to have Will... I mean Robert on his team? I think Duncan may have just pissed away any chance he had at "best power forward ever" after throwing up brick after brick after brick from the free throw line come crunch time in the biggest game of the Finals to date. That was painful to watch. But it would have been ever so much more painful if his clanks had cost them game 5.
You're not the first one to make this comparison.

Robert Horry could possibly have NBA Championship Rings from three teams. If the San Antonio Spurs win one more game this season, he will.

I don't know if that's a record, but it is darned impressive.
Well, he did it! Horry has six rings from three teams (Houston (yay!) LA lactaters (Boo, hiss!), and the Spurs.

What an accomplishment that is.
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