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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Simple Things

Too hot to cook today. So I made pb&j for dinner for the kids, the wife being at work. I hadn't had one in a long time. Those things still rock. Cool glass of chocolate milk to wash it down, and life is pretty good. Then I watched the kids play in our little pool (blow-up, but a pretty big one-- probably 6-feet long and 4 long).

Finally had to plunge in there with them.

Simple things. They rock.
Heh. I have been eating PBJ every day for lunch for the last two weeks. Mostly because I can't stand waiting in the deli line at our local grocery store any more. (Is it me or are people who work at the deli the most lazy, unethnusiastic, slothful and deliberately slow people working in retail?) Anyway, I've actually been quite enjoying them, but I've been doing my PB&J gourmet: multigrain bread from a local bakery, real fresh-crushed chunky PB from a nearby nut retailer and fresh homemade apricot jam.


Still, there's something special about wonderbread, Jiff and welch's grape. My staple as a kid :)

(p.s. I finally registered!)
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