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Monday, June 13, 2005

One View of Conservatives

TC wrote a nice little homage to Jack on his blog. What I don't really get is why this kind of drivel (the link that tc's piece contains) appeals to otherwise intelligent, persceptive individuals. I mean, how many over-reaching, and generally patently absurd, generalizations can you lump into one post? Let's see there's:

Most of these people [conservatives]are not Nazis, but they are the perfect raw material for our own, homegrown American Rightwing Demagogues; obedient, stupid, bigoted and easily frightened.
And because everything – their very souls – rest on the foundation of the infallibility of Dear Leader, they'll happily kill anyone in any numbers who might force them to face up to the fact that Dear Leader is a duplicitous, lying sleazebag who has played on their fear and ignorance and patriotism to turn them out like $2 crack whores.
and to top it all off
Built in to the Right Wing DNA is the same congenital defect, and since they will happily burn the world to the ground before they admit they might actually have been wrong about Bush, it falls to us to keep them backed into a corner as best we can, because once events out here in Realityland begin to pound through the perimeter denial defenses, what comes after ain't gonna be pretty.
There's more, but that sums it all up pretty well.

Come on tc, you really telling me you agree with this guy? I understand being angry, and maybe a little confused as to how Bush could actually have won twice (I'm still a little stunned by it myself and I voted for him one of those times), but does this kind of silliness help in anyway except to make you feel superior? And does that really help? Give you an accurate picture of "Realityland" as the author rants about? Or just ensure that a big chunk of Democrats remain completely out of touch with the majority of the country that disagrees with them on some fundamental issues but is willing to compromise and maybe embrace some other fundamental issues?

Seriously. There are good and bad ideas on both sides of the aisle. There are good and bad people on both sides of the aisle.

Do not buy into this kind of hate speech, because that's entirely what it is. Hate speech. It derides a large group of people. It makes sweeping, unsubstantiated negative generalizations. It makes the author and those that agree with him feel superior because it rips down those that disagree with him. The fact that the targets of this particular hate speech are conservatives rather than gay people or black people or women does not change the content of the material.

Hate speech should be opposed by intelligent, concerned individuals at all times in all places. It does not matter if we also don't like the target of a particular hate speech-- the invective and poison must be opposed. To do otherwise is to tacitly condone it and aid the spread of it.

So, here's the question tc. Do you really agree with this guy? You've written thoughtful, well-argued comments here at my blog. You've had disagreements with John and me and some of the other more conservative readers here at my blog, but they've generally been above the ad hominem attack and usually both sides have had some substance to support their positions, right or wrong. I know lots of smart people, both conservative and liberal, and I have to tell you, none of the conservatives are cowering numnuts who just want to be protected and not have to think, and none of the liberals are anti-American communists who want our troops to die. I'm sure there are folks out there that fit both categories. I'm also sure they are most definitely a small minority of the available pool.

This guy hates, tc. Really, deeply hates. Do you want to be like that? Eaten up by your rage and hatred of folks that simply disagree with you? Knowing Jack, and knowing some of his friends, I seriously doubt that you do. I hope that you don't.

I hope none of us do.


I just read it myself. That dude must be insanse. Any other rational explanation fails to cover the ground.
I find this entire liberal/conservative ...thing.. just very very sad... normally I would find stupidity like this funny, but recently I just find it disheartening and sad. Jack's post last week and this blogg are very typical of a liberal arrogance that seems to be growing to almost epidemic proportions lately. watching jack and TC and John and -C battle with each other with such polorized views is making me very very tired. It is and always has been human nature for people to polorize, to find a group to identify with and another to despise and fear. I am very liberal on many issues and somewhat conservative on others, in political discussions I have been called a "bleeding heart liberal" and a "Red-Neck conservative" Why??? why do so many people feel the need to join a side or pick an enemy??? As an independent I find myself leaning slightly left on the whole when just looking at issues but most everything I watch and read turns my just SO OFF to the Dems and liberals... they have become just so arrogant and pig headed that it disgusts me. the irony is every time they talk about how dumb or uneducated the convervatives are i find myself squirming in embarrasment for them as they come off as the most naive and ignorant people living.

Just stop the arrogance... you do NOT know all the answers and the conservatives are NOT uneducated grunts. If you find yourself calling yourself a "liberal" or a "conservative" then maybe just maybe you are as closed minded fearful and ignorant as the "other" side. open your mind and step to the middle for a while where it is OK to change your mind..you just might find it "liberating"
It’s about power, Dread Pirate Roberts. Its all about who gets to decide things, and who spends the money and how.

And, yes, like you said, it’s also about identity politics. But look at it this way: we’re screaming at each other in blogs and on newscasts.

At least we’re not shooting each other!
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