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Friday, June 24, 2005

The NBA Finals

Great game last night. Really fun to watch. Almost makes the ridiculously long NBA season worth it. Almost. But it doesn't. Ever. I say, cut all major league seasons (excepting the NFL, though even there I think at least the preseason should be shortened) by 25%. That would make the NBA and NHL 60 games long, and MLB 120 games long. More than enough, when you factor in 1-2 months worth of playoff games. Purists will rage at me, and the economists will decry the loss in revenue, but in the long run I think it would be good for all of those sports as each game will mean more, and instead of 82 (or 162) games played at 75% (or 50%) capacity, you'll play 60 and 120 at 85-90%/65-75%. By time the season is FINALLY over for these sports, most people just don't care any more. I have trouble believing that can be good for business.

One other NBA note. How does Tim Duncan win Finals' MVP? He was 10-27 in game 7, for crumb's sake, and his horrendous free throw shooting in game 5 nearly cost them the championship (I don't think they win it all if Detroit takes game 5). The dudes that lit the fire under the Spurs' in their four wins were Ginobli and Horry. Duncan was very good, dependable (though not at the foul line) and uninspiring. Pretty much sums the guy up. When the Spurs needed a spark it came from Ginobli, Horry and Bowen, not Duncan. I'm not trying to completely belittle the guy, he's a great player, but he was not the series MVP and I wouldn't put him anywhere near the top of the Greatest Power Forwards Ever list. I'd have given MVP to Ginobli. He's the guy that broke down the Pistons' D to allow Duncan to make even 10 of 27, and he's the guy with the intangibles that inspire a team. If not Ginobli, then Horry, who will not be a Hall of Fame player, but may be one of the top 10 pressure shooters in league history.


you are right about everything you said (see i really CAN agree with you)

the nba and mlb seasons should be shortened (3/4 is about right maybe 4/5)..the extra attendance at each more meanignful game would more than make up for the lost revenue from the games that were sacrificed...on a side note what is this nhl that you spoke of?? i am not familiar with this thing

football should shorten the preseason by 2 games AND add those to the regular season...people actually want more football

duncan as MVP was a joke..even cbs sportsline thought so..they ran a pic of ginobili with the headline "CO-MVP??"

and while horry wont go to the hall of fame ...he does now have six rings (thats the same as jordon)..i think hes okay with that exchange
I disagree with one comment: there is absolutely no way that one great game 7 in any way makes up for a horribly long regular season and an excruciating playoffs.
Why you ask? Because it was all so aweful, I quit watching long ago, so I missed (not really) that great game.
(And during game 1 of the finals, Gym was more interested in playing Golden Tee than watching the game, so I know I'm not alone.)
Besides, what type of lame league has the NBA turned into that 81-74 is a great game!?! Doesn't anybody in the game of basketball know how to shoot any more? Beside, Ginobili, that is.
All I know is that Tim Duncan is the best human being who has ever lived.


Troy... I find a bit of irony in you being critical of shooting and basing your viewing interest on shooting ability. You.. A man who couldn't score in a room full of 10 dollar hookers on pay day, who couldn't hit the lake if he fell out of his boat, who couldn't make an uncontested lay-up if he had an "uncontested lay-up maker 2000 with kung fu grip" and logged 200 hours in the "mastering the uncontested lay-up maker 2000 with kung fu grip training simulator". Gritty, in your cuticles, even spasm inducing defense and the ability for a left-hander to go left at will, should be what floats your boat about basketball.

And Jim... you are spewing venom towards the great Tim Duncan... could it be that you are still bitter from the beat-down delivered to your pitiful basketball team by the powerful Four Guys Who Suck and that last second Horry-like three that sent you spiraling into the abyss of despair ?????
It sounds like "4 Guys" has a Snarky Insult Generator with Kung Fu grip .

I have one of those myself, but mine comes with the "Life-Like Beard".


Congrats San Antonio!
I would be interested in the "life-like beard " option.. but I can't find it on Amazon.com

Actually I am a bit unclear as to what actually qualifies as "snark" while I think the tone of my post was dripping in this so called snark (if snark is what I think it is, and if Is means what I think Is means)..oops was that snarky??? now I am just rambling... anyway was there a point??? I forget... oh yea.. is snark really snark if it is just soooooo true??
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