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Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Conservatives Who Aren't

Stand up Congressman Pete Sessions (R-Texas), and take a bow as this month's Conservative Who Isn't. Times were that conservatives were big fans of Federalism, the basic tenet that local and regional governments be given the ability to make their own laws and statutes with only the biggest, most over-arching issues-- national defense, foreign relations, transportation, etc.-- were regulated by the Federal Government. Not so much these days, as the Federal Marriage Amendment folks clearly illustrate.

But there are smaller infringements on Federalism all time. Like Sessions'.

Sessions has proposed a nationwide ban on municipal Wi-Fi networks because the poor, poor telecommunications industry is being inconvenienced. I'm sure the fact that Sessions used to work for Southwestern Bell has nothing to do with his decision to introduce the legislation.
You go Nick.

This has me pissed too. I see people using the hotspots all over downtown; at lunch and on weekends.

But I guess the telecom industry can't abide not having 100% control of access. I would guess that the next step would be to expand this to include libraries.
And just for chucks, here's the nationwide list of free access points:


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