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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Idiotarian Award Nominee

Take a bow Kevin Brown of the Texas Rangers! You are the ace pitcher for a baseball team that is attempting to stay within shouting distance of the division lead (7.5 games back) or at least the wild card (3 games back), so naturally after a bad outing you punch a water cooler. Good thinking! That should inspire your teammates. Of course, you'll miss at least one start in the rotation after breaking a bone in your hand, and might even wind up on injured reserve, but don't let that bother you! After all, even if your team misses the playoffs because of your stupidity, you are now, and always will be, a nominee for the prestigious Libertarian Librarian Idiotarian Award-- which ya gotta admit is a cool sounding name.

Really. Say it outloud. It rocks. Sort of like the ones Brown is using for brains.

UPDATE: Troy, quite correctly and with little or no snarkage, points out that I am ripping on the wrong dude. Though Kevin Brown, who is actually a pitcher for the Yankees, was a strong candidate for last year's Libertarian Librarian Idiotarian Award, he is not Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers. Who is this year's nominee. The dude I meant to ridicule above.

Oops. I don't think that qualifies me for my own award yet, but I'm making a run!


Uh Nick. Kevin Brown is still on the Yankees and he pulled his stunt last year (and not on a water cooler).
Kenny Rogers was the one with the water cooler and the Texas Rangers.
(I tried to be as non-snarky as possible on this note. Does it show?)
Heh. Tremendous restraint. Thanks for the heads up.
hey.... apparently when you give out an award..any award..pro athletes will try to compete for it

oliver perez of the pittsburgh pirates...another pitcher...broke his toe when he kicked a laundry cart in the clubhouse after getting lit up

i think this brain surgeon is gonna have to get the award though..he landed on the 15 day (at least) DL....mr rogers avoided that and will make his next start
In the end, Kevin Brown really shouldn't even be nominated for last year's award, since him not pitching helped the Yankees win the division. And when he came back, they lost to the Red Sox in the playoffs. Maybe he should have injured himself worse.

i think your award MUST be known by rogers...he responded by punching not 1 but 2 cameramen..now facing what will most likely be at least a 10 and possibly 20 game suspension

this has to once again make him the frontrunner...isnt it great to see a world class athlete rise to a challenge??
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