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Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday's List

Okay, since Gym Jim wants a list not loaded with gentlemen in tights and capes, let's try something new for this Friday's list. No superheroes, no special powers. I thought about sports, sports are always good, and one of these days will take a look at the biggest draft busts, but if we're going for the antithesis of guys in tights, and having just watched a Bond flick, I am opting for hot women. Lots of those around, so we'll have to limit it some.

Let's see... movie star (at least two films, please), and since the definition of hot covers a lot of ground, I'll go with most beautiful. This is slightly different from being the sexiest. Covers the entire era of motion pictures, silent films to present day. Clearly this will be a subjective list, but then, aren't they all?

Okay, here goes:

25) Greta Garbo. It was another era, but she helped Hollywood define what was beautiful.
24) Jennifer Love Hewitt. Would be much higher on the sexy list, but still stunningly beautiful.
23) Heather Graham. See previous entry. I like her smile.
22) Catherine Deneuve. A lovely French export.
21) Halle Berry. A Bond girl and Catwoman? Pretty much guarentees she's beautiful.
20) Veronica Lake. One of the first Hollywood blonde bombshells.
19) Audrey Hepburn. I'm not as huge a Hepburn fan as many, but she was a beautiful woman.
18) Lana Turner. Sad eyes. Very pretty, but sad.
17) Rita Hayworth. Classic looks-- that helped define what classic looks were.
16) Claudette Colbert. One of the first Hollywood babes.
15) Raquel Welch. Back in the day... yowza.
14) Alicia Silverstone. Lovely. And funny. Great mouth, great smile.
13) Liv Tyler. Lovely body, lovely mouth, lovely woman.
12) Sophie Loren. A gorgeous Italian export.
11) Uma Thurman. Goofy name, gorgeous woman.
10) Drew Barrymore. Beautiful woman, great smile, sassy attitude. Works for me.
9) Ava Gardner. Always hard to compare across eras, but Ava is a top 10er.
8) Elizaberth Hurley. She's drop dead gorgeous, has a sense of humor, and darker side. What's not to like?
7) Ingrid Bergman. Classic face, and she always seemed a little sad to me, which for some reason I found appealing.
6) Brigitte Bardot. An even prettier French export than #23.
5) Jennifer Aniston. The all-American girl-- and she can act!
4) Marilyn Monroe. The prototype on which the beautiful woman is often based. Looks, attitude, sensuality, and mystery.
3) Grace Kelly. Regal, without being cold. Lovely, lovely woman.
2) Elizabeth Taylor. It's easy to forget just how beautiful Liz was before she became a nutbag.
1) Nicole Kidman. I may be the only one who'd put her this high, but that's okay. It's my list. I think it's something about her eyes.

Okay, so assuming I don't get divorced for making this list, let the counterlisting begin. This was done a bit on the fly, so I'll probably look back on the list and think, "Why is she that high?" or the like, but heck, that's the fun of lists. Any glaring omissions?


Tough one. You're list is good and I don't think anyone would argue that none of those gals should be on there (well, I'll object to Drew Barrimore - doesn't do anythinf for me). I've always liked Selma Hayek, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on this for like 75 days, cuz I could.

Oh and while I'd be one of the first people to tell you that I'm attracted to a brain as much as anything else, if you haven't checked out Jessica Simpson in the preview of Dukes of Hazard (apple.com trailers), you should. She's smokin'.

In my opinion ;)
I’m not going to counter propose a list. Simply put, there have been too many beautiful women on stage and screen for me to compute it all. If I tried, I’d risk brain injury. I will, however, quite happily raise quibbles with your list!

25) Greta Garbo.

24) Jennifer Love Hewitt.

23) Heather Graham.
Has a fragility to her that makes you want to hug her. And once you hugged her, you’d want to…

22) Catherine Deneuve.
Sharon Tate would be a better choice for number 22.

21) Halle Berry.
Too PC, too overexposed, and I don’t like her cheekbones. Replace her with Vanessa Williams.

20) Veronica Lake.

19) Audrey Hepburn.
A little too classy to deliver that ‘hubba hubba’ factor. Mia Survino could cover the petite slot.

18) Lana Turner.
Good choice.

17) Rita Hayworth.
Very good choice!

16) Claudette Colbert.
Doesn’t do it for me. Replace her with Lillian Gish.

15) Raquel Welch.
Wow, the young Raquel!

14) Alicia Silverstone.
You must be kidding. Alicia Poundstone would be a more apt description. Put Bo Derek here.

13) Liv Tyler.
Another “what were you thinking?” Sorry, pointy ears do not beauty make. Replace her with the young Samantha Eggar.

12) Sophie Loren.
Yep, in her prime: whoa!

11) Uma Thurman.
No way, Jose. Clara Bow, the woman who taught Hollywood that sex could sell, should go here.

10) Drew Barrymore.
Ugh. A turn-off just hearing her voice. Angeline Jolie, who is a major idiot, is much more pleasing to eyes and ears.

9) Ava Gardner.
Always hard to compare across eras, but Ava is a top 10er.
Always hard to compare across eras, but Ava is a top 10er.
Always hard to compare across eras, but Ava is a top 10er.
That needed to be repeated a couple of times. :-> No one was quite as sexy as her.

8) Elizaberth Hurley.
She doesn’t belong in the top ten, but she should be on this list somewhere.

7) Ingrid Bergman.
Overrated. Didn’t age well.

6) Brigitte Bardot.
In her prime!

5) Jennifer Aniston.
No way. She doesn’t belong on this list. Besides, she’s a horseface now, and she’s not that old. The young Katherine Hepburn, prettier and a far better actress.

4) Marilyn Monroe.
Can’t agree more.

3) Grace Kelly. Regal, without being cold. Lovely, lovely woman.
Should be number one.

2) Elizabeth Taylor.
Should be number two. Oh, she is!

1) Nicole Kidman.
You’ve gotta be kidding. I just don’t get the Kidman thing. She does belong on the list, but not in the top ten.
drew barrimore??.....jennifer anniston??....rediculous..and you watch way too many old movies...i will post my list tomorrow ...needless to nsay they will all be under 50
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