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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Death to the Evil Empire

No, not that one. The Yankees. The Brewers won two close ones against the Steinbrenner's money boys, but last night, he got a bit of value for his $1.2 Billion roster. Okay, it's not quite that much. But I do know that their only slightly better than the Brewers, record wise, and the Brewers are only paying their roster about 38 cents per player. Okay, it's not quite that low.

I am encouraged despite last night's shalacking. The Brew Crew has a pretty solid rotation (Sheets, Davis, Capuano, Santos and Obermueller), a strong bullpen that hasn't been overworked (yet) and really lousy hitting. But it's easier to get better hitting than it is better pitching. Bring up Rickie Weeks!

Anyway, though they have a worse record right now then they had last year at this time, the Brewers are definitely a better club than last year. I think they avoid the post-all-star-game slump that obliterated them last year and hang around .500 all year. Which doesn't seem like much until you realized that we haven't been around .500 at the end of the season since Teddy Roosevelt was in office. Okay, maybe not that long, but it seems like it.

And the whole season will be worth it if the Yankees finish out of the playoffs. It will be outstanding if they finish third or worse in their own division.

Death to the Evil Empire!
Oh, come on, the real evil empire is Mircosoft.

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