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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Book Recommendations

Currently reading Stephen King's long, but really, really good, Dark Tower series. In the middle of book three and loving it as I haven't loved a King novel since The Stand or The Shining. It has all the good stuff I remember from King's early work-- great characters, awesome atmosphere, good tension throughout-- without any of the dreck and bloatedness of much of his later novels. Truly a joy to read.

Other book recommendations: I have hooked on with a few other writers, including Mr. John H one of the frequent commentators on this illustrious blog (no, his writing is not political in any way shape or form-- at least not the stuff I've seen) to bounce ideas of each other and the like. This group includes a novel by JJ Ace which is due to be published shortly by TechnoBooks. I admit to not having read it, though I do intend to-- but I can state confidently that if you enjoy adventure/action novels, this book will not disappoint. A brief synopsis can be found here.

Okay, back out to the hammock for another tough day of vacation.
The Dark Tower was indeed excellent, at least through Book 5. Book 4 was definitely the high point, and easily one of my favoriate King novels. I don't know whether to tell you this or not, but I found the last two pretty disappointing. I suppose it's worth reading the whole thing through to the end, but what you're reading now is definitely the better half of the series.

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Talking about series that bogged down, take Robert Jordan. Please. [rim shot]

If you’ve read the Wheel of Time series, you’ll probably agree. What started out as an epic full of great characters and intriguing concepts became a boring, stifling, mishmash of themes and plots and politics, all told with nothing really happening.

I feel the need to bill him for my time after reading the last book in the series. I would have enjoyed reading the phone book more.

And yes, Judgment Day is a great novel, fantasy/sci-fi fans will like it. And yes, there are no politics or commentary in it. Its just a fun, can’t put it down read. (I hope!)
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