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Friday, May 13, 2005

You Will Be Assimilated

I briefly considered a career as an architect back in my high school days. Likely a result of my older brother's decision to pursue that career. Probably just as well that I decided it wasn't for me, as I have to admit, I just don't get a lot of architecture, or for that matter "modern art." I'll have to accept TC's defense of MVRDV's design as coherent and credible as I have no particular knowledge or expertise in the field, and he clearly does. All I can say is, I find their designs oddly repellant. Check out an old-folks home they did in Amsterdam here, an apartment building in Spain, along with the Silodam project I had in the previous architecture post. Or just go to their home page.

Perhaps I am just too big a fan of symmetry, or perhaps I'm just plain old-fashioned, but none of the designs on that page create any positive reactions in me, and many make me just think, "Ick!" The old-folks home, for example, looks like a building with a serious goiter problem, or some sort of apartment complex cancer.

Overall, I still can't quite escape the possibility that Winy Maas (the M of MVRDV) is really is just cover for this guy.


The comment that the Midwest has had no voice is interesting. Wasn't Frank Lloyd Wright internationally famous? Maybe I'm wrong (I know little about architecture). Also, if the "voice" that is being offered can't hold a tune and sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard, does the Midwest want it?
FLW was internationally famous; but his most famous buildings: The Guggenheim, Fallingwater; are not in the Midwest.

I took the gentlemen's comments to mean that to much of the world, the Midwest is an unknown country; the media does tend to concentrate on the coasts.
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