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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yo! Anybody out there?

Okay, so the only person you guys could come up with in the four days I was gone was temporary costello, who was nominated by himself and is a pseudonym to boot? I'll admit it would be amusing to vote for temporary costello in '08, but I'd rather have somebody who uses their own name (and isn't quite so far left). Personally, I'm leaning more and more towards Paul Tagliabue. We need a President who is a capable manager (neither Bush nor Clinton were particularly good at this, though for very different reasons), who understands financial matters, who can balance a variety of agendas presented by an equally varied constituency.

Tags is nearly perfect-- the NFL is the best run sports "industry" around, hands down, no contest. It's a multi-billion dollar proposition, don't forget, and he not only seems to manage well but to surround himself with capable people. He's managed to keep the player's union AND the owners happy-- no small achievement and one which makes me think he could handle Congress. He has sufficient name recognition to build on-- a goodly number of folks who aren't NFL fans still will have heard of him. He'll be 68 in '08, which is about right, he's a Rhodes scholar (for whatever that's still worth), has a law degree, and has a proven record of success.

Hopefully, he can also write more coherently than whoever did his bio piece for the "sportsecyclopedia." In the third last paragraph, the author writes of comities-- which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be commodities. Funnier still is the final paragraph, which opens with this sentence, "As Paul Taglibue enters his 14th year as Commissioner the NFL sits as the gold slandered of sports leagues. "

The gold slandered, huh? See, he's perfect for a career in politics.
I am more than willing to back the Commish for President. The only problem with a Tags administration would be the fact that no one in the cabinet could wear suits; they'd all have to wear government approved Presidential-seal apparel.
I do agree that he has done some masterful diplomacy between two groups that don't always get along, which could translate into being able to deal with Congress. And considering the fact that he has to deal with people like the Postons, I think he can even handle the fringe elements too.
And let's be honest here, if Nick & I can agree on a candidate, he must be the man.
I say we start a website now, and then get him to run based on the support we generate. How about www.tags2008.com? Or maybe CommishForPresident.com?
Raise some money, and my pseudonym will be history.

And I'm more than willing to go head to head with the man who authorizes the Super Bowl snore-a-ganza.
Tags for Prez... You Can't be Serious!!! as JM would say....
1. Lawyer
2. Control Freak
3. manipulative game player for wealth and power
4. Lawyer
5. Did I mention he was a Lawyer????

THe whole Idea was to find someone DIFFERENT, for ggovernment to get OUT of peoples lives, for someone who worked for the people not for the power... and you all get immediately blinded becuase he runs the NFL... yes I love the NFL as well but have you guys taken leave of your senses???? YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!!!!

I Rock
The very act of observing something going down can change it, correct? Basic theory in physics.

Therefore, by correlation, the fact that we have discussed TC as president has changed him. Which is sad. TC is currently in his perfect state of being. His wa is settled, and fine. We should not further discuss him as anything other that what he is. To do so would be to damage his karma.
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