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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Late last night the Board of Trustees for Marquette University FINALLY settled the nickname dispute that has bedeviled the school since it changed its team name from the Warriors to the Golden Eagles in 1994. The announcement was eagerly anticipated by both current students and most Marquette alumni, with strong proponents of both nicknames making their preference known. I mostly watched with idle curiousity, not being a Marquette alumnus, wondering which way they would go but figuring maybe the small black cloud that had blanketed the school for the past 10+ years would finally go away.

It did. It's been replaced by a HUGE black cloud.

Yes, ladies and germs, I give you...... the Marquette Gold!

We have a winner and it's... a... COLOR! Woohoo! Nothing brings excitement to life like colors! Imagine the monochromatic boredome of a black and white world-- NO! We have color. And not just any color, my friends, a bold color. The color of... well, not money... but gold-- you know like the heavy metal that people find so nice and shiny. Think of the tie-ins. Fort Knox night. 24-carat fan sections for the rich alums. Oh this is a-- HAH!-- gold mine of a name!

Are you kidding me with this crap? I honestly didn't think it was possible for Marquette to further alienate their alumni, and to a lesser degree their current students, but they managed to find a way. To get the basic feeling of pretty much everyone who wasn't part of this brain fart of an idea, check out this picture from the Jourtinel:

Pretty much brings us full circle to the title of this post: Just exactly WTF were these maroons thinking?


I laughed my ass off when I heard of the new name on the radio in the car this morning. Truth is always stranger then fiction, eh?

I give the new name about 5 weeks, and then they'll cave, and it will once again be the golden eagles.

Do I smell committee decision on this one. See, Ann Rynd was right when she droned on and on in the Fountainhead.
Syracuse, another Big East team, is now the Orange. A Syracuse alumnus friend pointed out that their games will now be a terrible color clash.

If I put my PC hat on, I could think of several objections to "Gold" -- glorification of materialism, insensitivity to black South African miners, insensitivity to black South African miners who only mine for silver, the list goes on and on.
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