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Friday, May 06, 2005

Question for the weekend

Since I've posted several of my son's questions regarding heaven here, and there has been some interesting responses, I thought I'd turn the "What's Heaven like?" questions on their head this week. So, here's a question to mull over the weekend.

What's Hell like?

Hell has fallen out of favor with most Christian religions these days. Not a lot of fire and brimstone out there any more. Not necessarily a bad thing, but interesting. Do you believe in Hell? What's it like, and why would you get sent there? If you are a Christian, and I think most if not all of my readers are, do all non-Christians automatically go to Hell, thereby consigning folks like Ghandi to the netherworld simply because they believe, incorrectly, in someone other than Christ?

Easy to contemplate Heaven-- no matter what you picture it as, it's gotta be a good place. Not so easy to think about Hell. At least not if you think you, or people you care about, might be headed that way.

I will be out of town on Monday or Tuesday, so I will probably not be posting again until next Wednesday. Use the time to light up this blog with brilliant suggestions on who our candidate should be, whether we need a party name, and how exactly to transform this from the ramblings of an obviously imbalanced libertarian into a legitimate wake up call for the political powers that be.
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