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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Okay, I'll Mention the NBA

First, I still don't care that much for the game any more-- it has slipped from a distant #2 (#1 being the NFL, of course) to #3 behind baseball-- but it is exciting when your team, the Milwaukee Bucks, gets the #1 pick. Especially since they only had to suck badly to get it, rather than having to suck excruciatingly badly like the Atlanta Hawks (who were the most likely to get the #1 pick). Especially when your team is overloaded in the backcourt and needs a talented front court player.

The consensus seems to be that the Bucks should take Andrew Bogut, from Utah, a 7-footer who can rebound, score and pass. He plays well with his back to the basket, and has tremendous vision and touch for a big man. I admit I didn't see anything of Bogut besides three tourney games, but what I saw in those games was most impressive. If you doubled him, he made great passes to the open man. He hit cutting team mates on the money with bounce passes that I doubt a lot of point guards would try. If you didn't double him, he had the best combo of short fade away jump shot and up-and-under spin layup moves I've seen since Kevin McHale.

Actually, Bogut reminds me a lot of McHale, right down to the jet-black, gleepy white dude hair and the ungainly movements that somehow correlate into points, assists and excellent defense. It's like watching a Jim Furyk golf swing: Ugly, ugly, ugly, contact with ball, 6-foot uphill birdie putt. Bogut also seems to have his head screwed solidly onto his shoulders, and is willing to do what is necessary to help his team-- whether that's scoring, passing or helping out on defense.

The other options would seem to be Marvin Williams, a power/small forward from North Carolina, or Chris Paul, point guard from Wake Forest. Hopefully TJ Ford will be back at point guard next season, so there shouldn't be a need for Paul, and while Williams may have more upside longterm than Bogut, he only played one year of collegiate ball, so he's a bit raw. And I'm not sure he has that much more upside than Bogut.

And there's the fact that Bogut is 7'0", which is hard to teach. I listened to Lenny Harris, the Bucks' GM, this moring on the radio, and he seemed to definitely be leaning toward Bogut. I hope that wasn't just smoke and mirrors.


Are you kidding? The NFL is #1, #2, #3, AND #4. Then comes the NFL again in spots #5,6,7 and 8. THEN comes all the other crap. :)
By the way, that was Corribus speaking :)
Corrrrribus! Hey, college football is much better than that overly colorful, overly hyped, overly professional NFL.

John H, although you may know me as LT.
I have never been able to get into College ball as much as pro. I think it has to do with the number of teams and the constantly changing player pool. Going to a small college with no football team didn't help ;)

And here I thought you went to trade school. :->

It's true the players in college change a lot. Part of what I like in college is the tradition, the rivalries, the supposed amateur status. The pros, even though they've been around for fifty years or better, just don't generate the emotional investment.
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