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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More, but different, bias in the media

Okay, you're all probably sick of the bias thing, but I was looking at ESPN.com just now and the pro-big market bias just really struck me. Maybe that's just good marketing, since most of their patrons come from NY, Chicago, and L.A., but their treatment of the Brewers was really quite striking, I thought.

Exhibit A: The link to the recap of last night's game between the Cubs and the Brewers isn't listed as "Brewers win fifth straight" or "Cubs unable to slow Brewers down" or anything like that. Instead, the most prominent Cubs link is "Cubs put Woods on DL" and then next to that "Cubs lose again." The Brewers aren't even mentioned. Okay, well, the Brewers have sucked for a long, long time and the Cubs are quite popular, so okay. But then you click on the "Cubs lose again" link to go to the game recap, and you get to...

Exhibit B: A picture of winning Brewer pitcher, Chris Capuano, who gave up one run in seven innings has the following caption:
Milwaukee Brewers starter Carlos Zambrano throws a pitch in the sixth inning against the Chicago Cubs Tuesday, May 3, 2005, in Milwaukee. The Brewers won 4-1. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)
For the baseball illiterate, by the way, Carlos Zambraon was the losing pitcher last night and he IS a Chicago Cub. And finally:

Exhibit C: In the Game Notes section of the game recap there are three items. All of them about Cubs' players.



Baseball bias is the worst. There isn't a lot of football bias, although it could be argued that the Packers are on the 'liberal' end of any bias.
But try to tell someone from Boston or New York that there are other rivalries than the Red Sox and Yankees. And it shows up in the media all the time. Doug Mientkiewitcz said that he didn't think that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry was any worse than the Twins-White Sox, he was called a moron.
And does anyone remember that awesome 'Subway Series' in 2000? Every sports expert said how great it was going to be for baseball. (Yeah, baseball in New York.) Us 'flyovers' got the final say when that World Series had the lowest TV ratings ever.
Go 'Cubs lose!'
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