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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Idiotarian Candidate

Okay, pretty sure this guy is not our candidate, but he'd be a good choice for the Idiotarian Party:

(Copyright (c) 2005 Los Angeles Times)
A pastor of a small Baptist church in Waynesville led an effort to kick out church members because they didn't support President Bush, members said. The nine members were voted out at a meeting of the East Waynesville Baptist Church. WLOS-TV in Asheville reported that 40 other members resigned in protest. "It's all over politics," said Selma Morris, the church's treasurer. "We've never had a pastor like that before."
So much for turning the other cheek and loving your neighborhood like yourself.


I'm surely a candidate for the hybrid right wing/religous freak category (no, they're not the same thing) and I think this guy is an idiot. Politics should wait for you outside the church door. And yes, that applies to the democrat circuit of black churches.
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