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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I might have to move at this rate

I have now heard from two separate sources that Racine Horlick High School is sponsoring a field trip to Milwaukee Brewers game. Which doesn't sound bad, until you find out that the field trip is only open to minority students.

So, let me just ask this: Isn't deciding who gets to go to an event based on their race, and excluding those that aren't of the right race, pretty much the definition of racism?
I'm agog that any high school administrators would think that this is a good idea. What idiots!

And these are the people in change of public education?
Something is only deemed racist if a white male comes up with it, otherwise it's fair game. Life isn't equitable.
Plus, where are you going to move where these dumbass things won't come up?
And good point cl, but I'm probably not allowed to say that because I'm a white male.
White male??? troy.. try red-greyish thingamabob.
anyway... put aside the fact that this is racism against the majority and realize that this is the sort of thing that perpetuates racism against the minorities and pollutes the minds of the young with the notion that 1. they are different and the color of your skin is still the basis of how the world reacts to you and 2. playing the race card gets you cool stuff!! these people are more dumb than a box of hammers. Hammers at least have a constructive purpose!!!
A bigger concern to me, nick, is where you heard this from. Did you phone the school? Talk to administrators? Or is this a he said/she said situation? I wouldn't let this thing get out of control before hearing *exactly* what this trip is about.

I first heard about it on a talk radio show in Milwauke (Jeff Wagner's), and it was later backed up by a different talk radio show in Milwaukee (Mark Bellings). The actual flier was read on the air. Since I don't have children in Horlick High School, I have not independently confirmed the story, but barring the vast right wing conspiracy, I'm about 99.5% sure that it is accurate and true.
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