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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I live in the worst school district in history

Not just in Wisconsin. Not just in the country. Not just today. Ever. EVER! My school district makes the Keystone Cops look organized, and the Federal Government look streamlined and efficient.


Okay, I feel a little better. Though not much. A quick recap. The Racine Unified School District (RUSD for short) wanted a new $11 million referendum last April, just a year after voters agreed to a different referendum ($8 million I think). It got shot down. Convincingly. RUSD threw a fit, said they'd have to cancel all sports, close schools, throw the librarians out the windows just to make ends meet.

After much furor about the loss of sports from local students, the local press, and some local residents, the RUSD School Board graciously agreed to put the referendum BACK on the ballot, this time in June. 'Cause they really need the money, you know. Really, really.


Well, except that there's this. A $1.2 MILLION dollar consultant to look at RUSD facilities. Are you kidding me? Even the teacher's union thinks this is absurd, and they've never before found spending they thought was wasteful or inappropriate. The teacher's union thinks its absurd for God's SAKE!

Do you think maybe, just maybe, the district ought to get rid of the consultant before closing schools? And why, given that they'd just had a referendum due to inadequate funding the year before, did they hire a consultant to look at "dream classroom" facilities? I'm sure that the fact that the consultant is a friend of school superintendant Hicks had nothing to do with the decision.

Man, if you can't even get the teacher's union behind you on a school funding project, you have got yourself one donkey of a project. Lucky me, I get to help pay for it.
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