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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

France Officially: "Pissiest Place on Earth"

Unemployment is running at around 10%. Lots of people die in the summer because their state-run health care system is in disarray and everybody is off for the summer. They have radical Islamists killing and beating the crap out of jews and non-muslim citizens just for kicks. And the citizenry just voted down a European Union constitution proposal that most outside observers felt was heavily weighted in favor of France.

France, setting the standard for pissiness as we head into the 21st Century!
While I agree that the French do lead the world in pissiness, I would like to bring up a point before you condemn on their vote.
While the EU Constitution would give France more say in world affairs, it would make it easier for workers in other European countries get jobs in France. You already mentioned the 10% unemployment. When offered a choice between a bigger say in world politics or more jobs, most people go for the jobs. Laugh all you want, but I think the net effect of the EU (one money, one voice, one reich) is making Europeans more conservative. It's actually kind of fun to watch.
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