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Monday, May 02, 2005

Football and Inflation

Scotty pointed out to me (offline-- he's a bit of a luddite) that it is possible for all football teams to have a good draft, since the needs of the various teams are different. There is no "one" right answer or good effort, since some teams need running backs and some need safeties, for example. He's right, of course, but still, I think it is unlikely that 80% or more of the teams will look back on this draft and say "Yeah, that was a good crop of guys we got this year." All of the A's and B's are a reflection of the grade inflation that is afflicting our schools, even though a "grading" of a sporting activity that has no effect on anything would seem the ideal time to actually try and get the grades right.

Of course, maybe the columnists just don't want their email boxes to overflow with irate emails about "How could you rank [my favorite team's] draft a C you monkey-eared buffoon! They got exactly what they needed!" That seems likely, in retrospect.


Hey dude, why not put some of this time and attention towards the NBA finals? Who do you like? Who will we see in the finals? Was Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy right, did the referees hand last night's playoff game to the Mavericks?
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