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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Clarification

TC takes some exception to my commentary on Howard Dean (though I'm not entirely sure how you take Dean's comments out of context, and I still can't see how his commentary is any less heavy-handed than the Republicans) and askes the following:
Oh and to paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, if you think there's a bias in the way the media reports the news, start your own media company that reports thing as you would have them. Oh that's right, Rupert Murdoch has already done this. So there's apparently no need to force every outlet into lockstep agreement, is there?
No, there isn't. I don't want the news to be in lockstep agreement. I think that would be a horrible idea-- the media should be independent and full of curious individuals who, to use a hackneyed phrase, "speak truth to power." I don't want a counter to the liberalness of the MSM-- I think talk radio and Fox News and blogs are doing an adquate job of that-- I just want the MSM to realize that they are, in fact, biased to the left. Why? Because our country would be better off if there was a better balance of viewpoints, and because the bias won't change unless there is a realization that a problem even exists. I don't want all the liberals kicked out of the MSM, just as I don't want all the liberal faculty members fired-- I just want there to be a realization that there is a problem, and that some effort be made to fix that problem.
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