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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

People from Connecticut

I am pleased that Rodney, the misplaced Vikings fan, is considering moving closer via a move from Connecticut to Michigan. That would be cool as Rod is a good guy despite his delusional support of the Minnesota Vikings. For those who don't know (and probably don't care) Rod is a pharmaceutical type scientist sort of personage for Pfizer. Which makes me wonder just exactly what those guys are ingesting over lunch when he posts this:

And while i am at it... us scientists are starting to feel the whole Librarian, writter, Mr. I know how to spell elite Nazi-like bias..whoops i am sure i have well exceeded my Nazi quota for the day..year whatever..sorry won't happen again maybe... not everyone knows how to spell and write good and stuff ya know....
Say what? Anybody got any clue what Rod is trying to say here? Troy, Jim, you've known the guy longer than me, any guesses? Particularly puzzled by "us scientists are starting to feel the whole Librarian, writter, Mr. I know how to spell elite Nazi-like bias...." I mean, yikes. Still, he may have a future in journalism.


Nick, this could be a coded communication to the mother ship. I don't know Rod, but I do know that human beings don't talk this way. Looks like he just blew his cover.
Since I was asked to comment, as I apparently know Rod, here goes. While the mindless rambling does have a Rod-like sensibility to it, there are certain key elements missing that would really confirm that it was Rod. First, there is no reference to the Vikings rocking. (In fact, there is no reference to anyone rocking.) And I don't know that I have ever seen any written correspondence from Rod that didn't mention how much the Vikings or himself or his kids or Styx rocked. Second, there are no sentences (if you can call them that) that work with the Dick Vitale inflection, another Rod standard.
So in the end, I can neither confirm or deny any of the Rodness of those statements.
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