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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A New Punching Bag

Troy feels I have rather overstayed my welcome at the Media Bias Bashing Hotel for Sideline Snarkers. He may have a point. Low hanging fruit, mayhaps. So, I need a new topic to wail and moan and nash my teeth about. Any ideas? I'll fulminate on it this evening and get back to you guys, but suggestions are always welcome.

In the meantime, the four-year-old's question of the day: "Do you float in heaven or do you just have feet?"


Of course you float in heaven. Of course you have feet.

How many different ways have you conceptualized heaven in your own mind? 4 or 5? Yet, you see heaven differently than I do, than TC does, or Rod (if he's real) does. I've always considered it one of lifes great mental paradoxes, a koan of sorts, to describe what heaven is. For the 4.5 billion (don't check my number, I made it up) people on this planet who believe there is a heaven, each has a slightly, or greatly, different idea of where they're going when they're done pulling air. They can't all be right, you might say, but I BELIEVE that they'll all be absolutely right, because heaven is what you make it.

Take that idea of heaven, that it is what you make it, and roll it around in your head for an hour. Then take the idea home with you from work for a week in the car.

If I can't explain heaven to my 8 year old, then it's not explainable. I can't be known, except that we know what is in our minds and our hearts.

I find that I listen to my heart more and more, and my mind less and less.
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