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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Avast ye scurvy dogs!

I will admit, there is something about the words 'avast' and 'scurvy' that really do roll nicely off the tongue-- or the keyboard. Good to see the blog is still here after reading this in the comments section to Friday's last post. Man, and you guys wonder why I seem a little leery of liberals these days. But I digress. TC does have a blog of his own, you know. Check it out, why not-- after all, he even acknowledged that I (might) be a thoughtful conservative. Hard to find those, you know-- most coservatives are too busy praying to Jesus and having their brain altered by the Karl Rove mindbeam to actually think. Much like most liberals are too busy committing treason and having their brain altered by the George Soros mindbeam to actually think.

Such helpful little pigeonholes, yes? No thought required! Merely imply (or state outright) that you are much smarter than the other guy, and of course that's the case because he's a conservative/liberal. Voila! Instant pundit (not to be confused with Instapundit, whom I do think is thoughtful and mostly balanced). Bleck. Which wouldn't be the end of the world if it were just us bloggers doing this, but it's not-- as is often the case, I find that James Lileks (whom TC is not fond of, if his one link is any indication) nails it.

Not sure why I chose to post this evening except to reassure you all that the mutiny has been put down ruthlessly. Temporary Costello is set to be keel-hauled at dawn, and in the meantime, he is being forced to listen to the Sean Hannity and Michale Savage. Poor blighter.

You just can't find good pirate help these days.

I can't believe no one stepped to the plate. Well, that's a Monday for ya.

Okay Nick truce. No need for something awful to happen to my blog.

Whne I first started blog-foraging I used to like Lileks, but after a while the predictability and inane nature of some his columns got to me, and I took him off my link list. Cute daughter though. Hopefully she'll start dating a liberal during college and give ol Dad the mortifying heebie-jeebies.
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