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Thursday, April 21, 2005


For those that care, and there are a few of you, I will hopefully be adding more to the Artemus fiction line this weekend. This past week has been spent, in part, doing some outlining since I actually sort of need to know where I'm going to make it all fit right. I am a somewhat particular writer in that I hate doing revisions-- so I want what I write to be as close to the final product as possible.

Folks other than TC, Troy and John-- interesting discussion going on in the comments section of the various bias posts. Join in-- the more the merrier. Folks that are TC, Troy and John-- play nice boys. I encourage discussion, disagreement and spirited debate-- let's keep the ad hominem crap to a minimum if not a non-existence. Anyone on the left side of the political spectrum have a response to my contention that a preponderance of liberals in journalism IS sufficient evidence to conclude a liberal bias in said journalism?

Peace out (to unabashedly steal a tagline from a Marine Corp friend of mine.)


More Artie, yes! I look forward to it. Now dude, don't outline the story; just wing it!

As for your Marine Corp friend, that wouldn't be Kayman, the Troglodyte prince, by any chance?

Finally, when it comes to name calling or being ugly to others: I just want to make them cry. Is that so bad?
"But he started it, dad! It's not faaaiiiirrrrr!"

I suppose childish tantrums are out, too? dang.

Caustic Sarcasm? I know, I know, play nice.... no snark, no sarcasm, no ad hominem...this keeps up, all I'll be left with is logic and reason, and what kind of fun is that?

Hey Nick, you're the host, you set the rules of the house. No problem. And thanks for the sense of humor in the warnings and reprovals.

hey John I appreciate the apology. I don't blame you for wanting to make me cry; you're not the first. But I've got a pretty thick skin and you would find that it probably isn't worth it.
If by name calling, are you referring to the 'reactionary librarian' comment? Yeah, I was definately in a ranting mood yesterday.
Apparently, 'liberal' isn't the only bad word out there. Funny though, I never hear the 'liberal media' pull out the r word.
Anyway, no more ranting, and no more name calling, except when I feel like it.
And regarding your liberal bias stuff, which you can't seem to get off, I'll agree that there is a liberal bias in the media if you agree that there is a conservative (can I use the r word) bias in Washington.
You can use the R word when it is appropriate, and, frankly, with folks like DeLay coming unhinged, it would seem appropriate to say that Washington is reactionary at this point. I'm not actual sure it's terribly conservative, since Bush is driving up the size of government entitlements, and both the executive and legislative branches of government seem keen on increasing their power over the every day lives of most Americans. I wish it was more conservative and less reactionary. And just for the record, although the liberal media does not pull out the r word, they have substituted a plethora of others-- hardline conservative, neo-con, ultra-conservative, and evangelical being only a few of their alternatives.

To quote Ronald Reagan, while I still can before they take his name off all the buildings and shit, "In the present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."

I have never meant to imply that I approve of everything, or even most things, going on in Washington these days. If I have left that impression with you guys, my bad. I have most definitely meant to imply that the media's coverage of said happenings is slanted, in some cases heavily slanted, to the liberal side of most issues.

All right, I have Troy on board. TC, Jack, any of the other more liberal readers willing to sign on?
Nick, I've been on the previous board having a set-to with John.

Working on an argument here. Well, just wasting time at work, really. Can I bill you for the time I'm spending? (see, I'm a capitalist)

hhey yeah, where's Jack?

Jack! we can't do this without ya man! Channel a little Hunter here and let loose!

Nick, I don't think you have to worry about Reagan's name coming off of any building's anytime soon.

But yeah, I definitely agree that it's far from conservative for the Adminsitration to be working the deficit the way they are. I read somewhere (don't ask for a cite, it's late on a Friday and I'm lazy) that the government has been expanding faster than at any time since something like 1975.
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