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Monday, April 25, 2005

Are you ready for some Football!

Well, okay, it's just the draft, but heck we sports nuts have to hang our hat on something as the dog days of summer approach. I have to say that while I question the wisdom of the Packers taking a QB when the defense is so pathetic, getting a guy that was talked about as a top 5 pick, maybe number 1 overall, with the 24th overall pick is hard to pass on. No pun intended. Collins seems a reach in the 2nd, but so was Nick Barnett a few years ago, and he's been pretty good. So we'll see.

But, I do have to question all the draft grades out there, by all those sports pundits. This guy, in USA Today, for example, found only four teams had a bad draft (one of the Green Bay, woot!). Don Pierson, of the Chicago Tribune, passed out 18 B's and 4 A's-- two-thirds of the the teams got an above average grade! Seven teams got C's (average) and only three teams actually had a bad draft! Wow, these guys are good. Meanwhile, this yahoo (hah!) rated the 16 NFC teams and determined that 15 out of 16 of them had above average drafts! The Packers had the worst draft, according to Mr. Robinson, and they still got a C. Presumably, when the AFC grades come out, there will be 10 D's and 5 F's to balance out the incredible drafting done by the NFC.

Still, my favorite of all the grading dufuses is Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline. He gives out 6 A's, 19 B's, 6 C's and a D. Which probably isn't any worse than Yahoo boy Robinson, EXCEPT that Prisco, at the start of the column, maintains that he is grading the draft stringently! He gave 25 out of 32 teams a B or better-- above average-- and he's being stringent? Yikes-- imagine the grade inflation if he was feeling lenient.

At least Prisco does note that you really can't accurately grade a draft for at least three years. Not that this stops him from trying, mind you. I am encouraged by the fact that nearly all of the "experts" feel that Green Bay had an average to below average draft-- that almost certainly means that we had a great draft.


it seems to me that your two posts are related...maybe the liberal bias in the media produces the same kind of grading that the liberal bias in academia produces..hence why your guy cant understand when he is told he cant take a class again
I have been reading this blog for some time now but have not yet been moved to leave much feedback.. I guess the whole bias thing is just a bit too.... well duhh. There is bias...in people?!?!?1 who would have thought.. no one is unbiased not even the officials and refs that protect poor little Brett from those big bad DL threatening to touch him. Anyway... lets get a big Woot for the Pack taking no players ready to help out ol Brett this season... are they trying to hasten his exit??????
Let me just say I think the pick of Rogers was a very poor choice... well duh you say..Roger the Shrubber is the poster boy of football bias..well true dat.. However, let me compliment my least fave sports guy.. Mr. Favre can't spell his own name... He is Green Bay, he has become the Face of the Franchise and is arguably the greatest Packer ever and that is saying a TON. He has become almost bigger than the team, Holmgren is no longer there to control him and he has free reign to decide when he stays when he goes when to scrap the play and throw underhand past the line etc etc... Brett could take a dump on a canvas and sell it for a 100K in Green Bay... Drafting a guy like Rogers especially after his draft day experience is doing 2 things... pissing off Brett that they are not retooling for 1 or 2 more SB runs with him and setting up a young QB to follow the biggest legend in pro football for the storied Green Bay Packers... too much.. talk about setting up a guy to fail... what you do is go defense or Oline to strengthen your team, get a stop gap vet-o-the day (ala warner, frerotte, BJohnson, etc) when brett does hang them up (1,2,6) years from now and then draft your young stud....

Also Whoot number B.... Go big bad Ras James.... gonna love seeing the home town Boy lay the lumber on Mr. Frozen Tundra, now that will be sweet.. anyone ready to pony up a few cases of my fave hometown brew (Sprecher black Bavarian) on the next NFC Norse champs????? no I do not except any Detroit backer bets.

Speaking of Detroit don't be too surprised to see one of your old college drinking friends (no hints ..well ok it's me) make a move closer to WI..about 4-5 hours away in U of Michigan land just might happen before the Vikes start pummeling the Pack this season.

Oh maybe the meat head guy just didn't see the signs and didn't know what "stacks" referred too or where they were..ya think??

No Pope Vs the NFL draft importance queries????? 'cmon i would have thought you would be all over that no-brainer..I'ts the Draft..hands down.. heck the Pope didn't even want to be Pope.. but i bet we would want to be in the NFL... also i am sure there is some opportunity for a Nazi reference in here somewhere but i just can't find the acceptable line...oh yes i can... I am sure the Pope sat around some campfires with many cable company execs I just hope satalite doesn't become a sin!!!!

And while i am at it... us scientists are starting to feel the whole Librarian, writter, Mr. I know how to spell elite Nazi-like bias..whoops i am sure i have well exceeded my Nazi quota for the day..year whatever..sorry won't happen again maybe... not everyone knows how to spell and write good and stuff ya know....

Did i mention that i rock????
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